Father-1Father Forgive Us, by Jim Janknegt

Paul Seaton addresses our evolving understanding of rights and the individual as shaped by the sexual revolution in his recent article from The New Pantagruel, “Tantae Molis Erat”… :

“Tantae molis erat romanam condere gentem imperiumque”

(Of such effort it was to found the Roman people and empire)

–Virgil, Aeneid


The Court claimed to do so, to be sure, in the name and by the authority of “the Constitution,” as performing its sworn duty by articulating the constitutional concept and imperatives of “liberty.” As Justice Kennedy intoned in Lawrence, quoting himself from Casey: “Our obligation is to define the liberty of all, not to mandate our own moral code.” It is remarkable, though, how frequently and predictably this view of “liberty” consorts, that is, comports, with the views of self-proclaimed “progressive voices” and “forces” in American politics and culture.

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