Paul Owen of Communio Sanctorum has written an interesting post over at Reformed Catholicism in response to the conflict over the "New Perspective on Paul" and Bishop Tom (NT) Wright.  Here’s a selection:

There are some exceptions of course–Guy Waters and several of the contributors to volume 2 of Justification and Variegated Nomism come to mind.  However, with the exception of Waters–whose work has an almost schizophrenic disjunct between his descriptive role as a NT scholar in some places, and his polemical role as a “player” in the world of PCA politics in others–the critiques of Wright’s more learned critics tend to be considerably more moderate in tone than those now circulating in the Reformed world.  You will not hear them using alarming rhetoric which indicates that the gospel is at stake in these debates, or which implies that Wright and the NPP are somehow leading people in the direction of the damnable heresy of Rome and Popery.  Furthermore, nearly all (there are exceptions) of these scholars grant the point that has caused some of the most serious charges against Wright–namely that justification is not only a punctiliar experience at the beginning of the Christian life, but an entering into a new familial relationship with God which is not finally concluded until the Day of Judgment.  That is such an obvious teaching in Romans 2 and elsewhere in the NT, that few credible scholars even debate the point.

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