Gavin over at "Hit the Back Button to Move Forward" has posted his thoughts on the response of youth to The Da Vinci Code movie.  Here’s some of what he had to say:

what i was really interested in though was the youth’s reactions & questions to the movie. once we left the theater there were quite a few questions and thoughts. however, much of what the youth were interested in was, what i would view, the simple fictional creations. things like: "what’s up with albino monk?" "why did that guy whip himself?" making the male female symbols, and "i didn’t get where the pagans were in this, aren’t they into devil worship?"

i suppose they never caught on to the Constantinian conspiracy development of the canon and exclusion of gospel of Mary Magdalene. in the movie that stuff moves by so quickly that for the viewer of the movie without having read the book, or having some good historic knowledge, would miss that stuff.

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