Today three Dioceses of South Carolina, Pittsburgh and San Joaquin joined the Diocese of Fort Worth in requesting alternative primatial oversight from the Archbishop of Canterbury etc… This raises interesting questions. foremost among them: exactly what authority, if any, does ECUSA TEC have to keep dioceses in? It has seemed to me to be historically true that Bishops (and Diocesan Conventions/ Standing committees) exercise supreme authority in their dioceses in matters of affiliation (hence the early years of the church where several Bishops did not attend General Convention and the Civil War years where all it took for the creation of a separate province was for the Southern Bishops to stay home and meet together.) So here’s the question about the creation of a 10th province: Why can’t Network and Windsor Bishops simply forego involvement in the broader church, not recognize its authority and meet together in synod/convention instead? Wouldn’t that be a handy internal solution?

UPDATE: Central Florida has joined with the lot requesting alternative primatial oversight.

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