New album recommendation: for those of you who like old-time music and ballads, I suggest you check out Tim Eriksen’s new album,

“Every Sound Below” (Tim Eriksen)

Eriksen reached a certain level of prominence with his contribution to the soundtrack of the movie Cold Mountain and while he’s not native to the Appalachians, or even to the South, he does a wonderful job. He and Dirk Powell are probably the best at this sort of music…traditional while still alive.

I like all the songs, but I think the most enjoyable might be “Southern Girl’s Reply” and “Friendship.” Indeed, “Friendship” could be a companion piece to the Touchstone article about friendship, “Friendship: The Love that can no longer speak its Name” by Anthony Esolen

Now Playing: The Southern Girl’s Reply from the album “Every Sound Below” by Tim Eriksen

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