I’m not much of a U2 fan myself (Bono’s voice tends to be overshadowed by the music itself for me… I simply can’t hear him most of the time, and when I do I’m often not impressed.) but for those of you who are U2 fans, or have been, but have found yourselves experiencing the phenomenon now being called “Bono Fatigue,” I’ve found the site for you. It even helped me, a non-U2 fan recover from the after-effects of a “U2-charist” inflicted upon me by the torturers employed by Sewanee’s EFM (Education for Ministry) program. Enjoy… and, there is hope.

Here’s a selection from the comments of those recovering at the site:

“Bono is to his audience what Benny Hinn is to his. Both are considered to “preach” the message of God. The only difference is that Bono’s followers think they’re hot snot. Benny’s don’t. I wonder which posture God honors? Just a thought.” Futurepres293, Lincoln NB

“Can Christian magazines let up on the Bono hagiographies already? Okay, so you figured out that he’s a Christian, you think he’s a prophet. Big deal. Can we get off the rock star kick? Or am I suddenly uncool? I hope this site is about free expression.” Dantheman123, Nowhere

“I relapsed last night and listened to the first three songs of Achtung. By the time The Fly rolled around I was back to thinking Bono was Elijah. It’s amazing how long it takes to get over distorted thoughts. I can’t wait ’til my detox is done and I get back to regular listening. I miss U2, but I can’t have them right now!” TheFly3244, Seattle

“I have a great solution that works for me: anytime I start thinking Bono is God I picture him (Bono) with a big nose, like a proboscis (sp?) monkey. That pops the bubble.” Zoe, Auburn CA

“I’m soooooo glad I found this site! Like a lot of other people, my BF started in May 2005. I’d been scouring the Internet for Bono interviews and reading them like a starved cat. Then I over-did it and started showing classic BF symptoms: pomposity, anger at the U.S. church, alienation from friends, etc. I didn’t know about BF then. My mom said she never saw me smile anymore. I felt smug every time I walked by my U2 collection.

Now it’s been 8 months and I’m getting better. I listened to Edge’s solo project for the first time and that was like a stay at a halfway house. Maybe I’ll re-enter in July.”

Amanda, Syracuse

And now, get rid of you’re own BF… we’re with you!


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