I know this is by no means a new or limited phenomena among private schools that go out looking for more money diversity, but nevertheless it is troublesome to see it in print. I just pulled the following description of “spiritual life” from the web page of an Episcopal School:

The ________ is committed to the development of the whole student � his spiritual maturing no less than his intellectual, physical, and emotional growth. In keeping with that commitment, students are required to attend regular weekday and Sunday chapel services. The School�s chaplain, an Episcopal priest, is available to students who wish to speak with him. He makes a special effort to reinforce the faiths of students from Jewish, Muslim, and Buddhist backgrounds.

One would think that the definition of a school associated with the Episcopal Church would be Christian by default… oh wait, this is the Episcopal Church we’re talking about… I knew better already…

I checked around a bit, and I found this description of chapel life at another Episcopal boarding school I’m familiar with:

At ______, the religious program is the glue that binds our community together. From its founding in 1900, the Chapel has played a central role in helping members of the school community make sense of the seemingly disconnected elements of our studies, society, and lives. As an Episcopal school with students of many religious backgrounds, we lift up our Christian faith as an example to students of all faiths, with the belief that religion, properly understood, is an impetus to better understand ourselves, our
religious heritage and our core values. Above all else, the Chapel is a place of hospitality to all people of all faiths. The Chaplain plays an integral role in all aspects of the campus community and provides much of the leadership for our residential curriculum by attempting to bring to daily life the Christian concept of servant leadership.

Regular services […] consist of a Sunday Eucharist, and Morning Prayer on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. There is also a voluntary fellowship group that meets on Thursday evenings.

This description is somewhat better, though still a little weak. At least they claim Christ. I seem to recall something someone said somewhere about claiming Christ before men…hmmm… where was that… oh yeah, (Matt. 10:32-33), that’s it…

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