I found this to be very interesting.  Metalutheran has ceased blogging.  Here’s is the message he left:

It’s been fun, but public blogging has come back to bite a few seminarians. I don’t need that.

This seems to be a burgeoning trend… I know that many bloggers have begun blogging anonymously or have stopped altogether because of the fear of reprisal from employers.  Additionally, I know that recently, due to the climate in the church some have suggested that I either stop blogging or do so anonymously, something i simply refuse to do.  I figure that if I say anything damaging on my blog, it’s my right to do so, and in all honesty, I’m not much less likely to say it in person, since I am usually willing to be open and honest with people about what I think.  But this trend is something I am VERY concerned about, especially amongst seminarians of various denominations who feel threatened because of what faculty or commissions on ministry (or the equivalent in their denominations) might do if they read something the disagree with or find offensive.  This trend has to be combated somehow.