A Family at Cross-Purposes – washingtonpost.com

Billy Graham Library under constructionThe Washington Post is reporting that the family of evangelist Billy Graham is conflicted over where his final resting place will be.  Franklin, heir to the Billy Graham Evangelistic association and the founder of Samaritan’s Purse, an organization that has done tremendous work of its own, is reportedly on one side of the divide–wanting his parents buried in the midst of the Billy Graham library, a structure designed with the help of consultants with some sort of Disney connection that appears to be more theme park than library.  Franklin’s brother Ned (who has evidently spent much of his own ministry time involved with ministry in China) and his mother Ruth are evidently opposed to the idea, with Ruth maintaining that she wants to be buried–along with her husband–close to The Cove: The Billy Graham Training Center outside of Asheville NC.  Recently, according to Beliefnet, Franklin has stated that his parent’s burial place is a private matter and he doesn’t want to debate it in the media–good for him as far as that goes–but this whole thing, as well as what I can read of the Billy Graham library is a pristine example of the propensity American Evangelicals have for turning holy milk into so much cheese.