San Damiano Crucifix For those who haven’t yet heard, Bishop Bauerschmidt has appointed me vicar of St. Francis Church in Goodlettsville TN. Anna and I have moved our necessities up to our new apartment, and the remainder of our things will follow on the 3rd. I’m excited by this and I am really looking forward to getting to know the people of St. Francis. My first Sunday with them will be July 1st. The crucifix at left is the San Damiano Crucifix and one often finds it associated with things Franciscan. This is the cross St. Francis was praying in front of when he had his vision of it coming to life, and heard Christ tell him to rebuild his church which had fallen into ruin. Francis was evidently a literalist and he started to rebuild the little church where he was praying, which was falling down. Later he realized that Christ meant this in a broader and more figurative sense. What better example of faithfulness, and what better task at this time in the life of Christ’s Church?

You can find St. Francis Church’s web site here. I hope some of you will come and worship with us soon!