A very encouraging word from Lifesite about the ministry of an Anglican Priest in a small village in the UK.

Rev. Lameck says, “Let them persecute the Church. The word of God cannot be killed.”

By Hilary White

TATTENHALL, Cheshire, UK, November 16, 2007 (LifeSiteNews.com) – While the news is full of indicators of the impending end of religious practice in Britain and the “post-Christian” west, one Anglican minister offers a word of encouragement. In a tiny rural village eight miles south of the ancient town of Chester, Rev. Lameck Mutete says the faith of the people is growing and that persecution will do nothing to stop the word of God.

The much-reported secularization of Britain does nothing to dampen Rev. Lameck’s conviction that what people want most is God. “I feel people are searching in terms of spirituality,” he told LifeSiteNews.com in an interview at his home. “That is what is missing in people’s lives. If you are worried about the levels of spirituality of the people of Britain, I can agree with you. But I think God allows us to have a bit of free will, and to search around, to find Him.”

Rev. Lameck came three years ago from Zimbabwe’s capital to serve in the small rural village of Tattenhall, eight miles south of the ancient town of Chester, as the Anglican rector of St. Alban’s church. He describes himself as “a man on a mission,” and talks enthusiastically of his plans to hold “family services” of prayer and singing in the local pub.

Rev. Lameck, a tall, physically imposing man with a strong handshake and a musical accent, said from his home office, “Whatever is happening now, people will come to a point of searching for God.” The current situation is a phase, and in it, people of faith are being asked by God to find a place to fit and address the spiritual vacuum. “Ask God, ‘how best shall we work and operate in this particular phase’”.

“As much as we would like to fill the church, as much as we need money and numbers, the Church is about the word of God,” he said.

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