In case you’ve been wondering why I haven’t been writing as much lately, I thought I would relieve your curiosity. Things at St. Francis’ have been busy over the past few weeks, and I doubt they’ll calm down much at least until after Christmas. Most of the writing I’ll be doing for Quo Vadis will be for the congregation.

I do however, have several posts in various stages of composition on a number of subjects with titles like “On Repentance” and “Discount Vasectomies and other strangeties of modern convenience” as well as one I just started working on entitled “The Descent of Anglican Orthodoxy.” But you’ll just have to wait a while on those :-p

In the mean time, I suggest you head on over to Covenant, where I am (or will be as soon as I write something) a contributing author, for some brain candy.

Blessings to you all during Advent and Christmas.