Must reading for those interested in the current issues in the Episcopal Church:

In August of 2007, we posted on the ACI site an essay by Dr. Jacqueline Jenkins Keenan. (Why Theology Should Precede Change ) In this essay, Dr. Keenan provided an overview of a number of recent scientific studies questioning the claims made by many that there is a biological basis to homosexuality that renders it an immutable condition. These claims have also been made by some leaders in the Episcopal Church as part of their defense of the church’s affirmation of homosexual unions. They were made quite formally by the official response of TEC to the Anglican Communion’s request for an explanation of the American church’s reasoning in pressing for such affirmation, a response contained in the report To Set Our Hope On Christ. Dr. Keenan’s essay, therefore, stood as a direct challenge to at least one important aspect of TEC’s argument offered to the rest of the Communion.

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