I just read the following while looking over a collection of books I’ve thought about recommending to people for Lent. This is from a sermon by Stanley Hauerwas found in his collection of sermons and prayers entitled disrupting time. Here is what he said:

The loss of any clear sense of what the ministry is or should be about reflects the confused state of the churches. To be ordained today is to be ordained in a church in ruins. That the churches, for example, are being torn apart over questions surrounding homosexuality suggests that we have a problem much deeper than that issue in and of itself. I often joke that the Methodists may split over the issue of homosexuality. Methodists can split because we have always confused church unity with bureaucracy. The Episcopal Church lacks sufficient organization to split. The Episcopal Church will just crumble, which is but an indication that whether we like it or not–and I do not like it–we have all become Congregationalists. (p138)