Google continues to add cool things to their goody-box. One of these is the ability to “share” items from your RSS reader in something called a “clip.” If you look to the right sidebar, you’ll notice a new section entitled “Things I’m reading,” right under the prayer section. Take a look at it.

And just because I missed it when he posted it, and I think it’s so good, I want to direct your attention to Thom Chittom’s reflections in his post “The Universe in Twain,” where he reflects on the negative consequences of the fundamentalist shift–a modernist response to modernism:

By furiously barricading every door and window to dialogue with science, and by shutting themselves away from methodologies that too closely approached the method of Bacon and Galileo, they severed the cord of authority which secured them a voice in the public square. In time, they became a cultural museum.

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