One thing everyone should realize but many people don’t understand, is that most (ok, probably all) of your movements on the internet are tracked by somebody. And if you’re a visitor of this site, I’ve been watching you. Oh, I don’t have any nefarious intent of course. I started tracking visitors to my site with a simple counter back when I first put it up in High School. Back then, you just knew how many “hits” you got, not how many unique visitors (and some people ran up their counters by constantly refreshing them in their browsers in order to make their sites appear more popular). Well, those days have been gone for a while, and more detailed tracking information has become widely available. Now you can tell, generally, what region of the world someone is from–sometimes all the way down to their city–plus other information like what kind of browser they are using and what the set up on their computer is. Most of this information is intended to do two things: help web designers know who to design a site for, or what software to make it compatible with, and for businesses to see what content of theirs is popular and who is checking it out. What started out for web designers and businesses became more widely available and now even an amateur like me can keep track of a lot of information through services such as Google Analytics.

So, tonight I was looking at my blog stats over the last several months (they’ve been quite good) and I became curious to see what my overall traffic looked like since I started using Analytics in May of 2006. Well, here’s what I found. Since May 1, 2006 I have had around 13,022 unique visitors who have averaged about 1.94 pages and 2 minutes 19 seconds during their visit. But what I’ve always found really interesting, in addition to where folks get to my site from (i.e. were they referred by another site, did they find me through an internet search etc…), is where folks are from in the world.

So here’s a little slice of info, the top ten countries for visitors to Quo Vadis since May 2006: