Josh S. from Cruising down the Coast of the High Barbaree asks a good question:

Do any theologians who advocate gay marriage and the like believe in original sin? A lot of the arguments come down to “God created me this way, so it must be good,” which seems to me like a denial of original sin.

In my experience, those theologians who view homosexuality as a good in the same or very similar sense to heterosexuality and who therefore tend to argue for affirmation of homosexual relationships, do not really address the fall or original sin–they are in fact often hostile to it and would opine that we have “moved beyond” these concepts.

In contrast, those theologians who maintain a doctrine of original sin are less than sanguine about the affirmation of homosexual relationships.  I’ve read some who would argue that such relationships (either chaste or sexually active, depending on the thinker) should be tolerated as a sort of nod to the broken nature of the world that we all live in, and therefore such homosexual relationships are awaiting redemption with the rest of us and creation as a whole.  I’m not sure such a view is anymore comforting to homosexuals than the traditional view.  It’s sort of like the difference between “You’re broken and wrong but there is help for you and you can change” and “you’re broken and wrong, and there may be help, but really we’re all broken so if you can’t change, we understand that and wait for the day when we all can…

If you have any thoughts or references, please post them over at Josh’s blog.