I thought I would take the opportunity, since this is my day off, to share some of what I’ve been reading around the web.

  • There’s an interesting discussion starting up over at the Theology Forum about N.T. Wright’s latest response to his critics over his views of Paul, Justification etc…  I agree with the author that far too many people want to interpret “reformed” far too narrowly.  I also believe that many of Wright’s critics simply don’t understand his arguments.  Evidently he’s done a fair job of re-presenting them in his latest, Justification: God’s Plan & Paul’s Vision.
  • James Matthew Wilson over at The Front Porch Republic discusses the way in which blogs with never-ending hyperlinks and continually burgeoning opinions result in an attenuated commentary on forgotten primary texts.  He then expresses his gratitude to FPR and its readers.
  • The Creedal Christian offers the following quote from Bishop Kallistos Ware in honor of Trinity Sunday:

    Why should God be a communion of three divine persons, neither less nor more? Here again there can be no logical proof. The threeness of God is something given or revealed to us in Scripture, in the Apostolic Tradition, and in the experience of the saints throughout the centuries. All that we can do is to verify this given fact through our own life of prayer. The Orthodox Way

  • The Art of Manliness provides some advice on how to tie a tie (with instructions on making several different knots).
  • Christianity Today has a wonderful article entitled “Keeping Holy Ground Holy” about a survey suggesting that seekers want anything but churches that don’t look like churches–instead, they would like churches to look like churches.  Imagine that.  (It also notes that one doesn’t need an expensive Gothic sanctuary to make a space feel holy and reverent.  Good news for those of us in congregations that are just starting out.)
  • And in a similar vein, the Archbishop of Canterbury believes Cathedrals are relevant for today.  I agree (indeed, I would say large churches to mega-churches are attempting to approximate the role Cathedrals once had, though with widely varying success.)
  • Mark Tooley of the IRD comments over at the American Spectator on the possibility that the tide of history may not, in fact, be moving in the progressive direction even in mainline churches.  I think he’s partially correct, but we’ll see.
  • Gordon Atkinson discusses his move from PC to Mac.  I have to say that we share the same final straw with windows machines.  Looks like we’re both happy mac users now.
  • Ok, whether you think she’d be a good addition to the Supremes or not, this news about Sotomayor just stinks.  I hope she heals quickly.
  • And finally, take a look at what we’ll be having for supper tonight: Thai fried chicken