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Month: August 2009

Little Horses and Vegetarian Chicken

At the beginning of last week my dad came to visit and we started work on a shed.  By the end of the week I’d taken Anna to see little horses and made my first ever vegetarian chicken*.  Here are some pics:

Little Horse

Little Horse

Vegetarian Chicken

Vegetarian Chicken

*To answer any lingering curiosity, the vegetarian chicken is actually General Tso’s chicken made with ground flax-seed as an egg-white substitute. something vegertarians/vegans often use. Just not with meat.

Necessary Words 001

My first podcast.  See what you think:


Note: I’ve already had a question about this, so I thought I would clarify. I am not at all equating having tattoos with being gay. The two things are obviously not the same–I stated that I thought the opinions referenced about tattoos were absurd. I also think the particular way of reacting to gay folks is absurd, but there are more scripturally valid concerns (in my opinion) about sexuality. The issue at hand was not so much what people were reacting to as much as the pharisaical way in which they were reacting.

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