As in other areas of interest, there are many people in the WordPress world who are interested in the study of scripture, who write about it on their blogs and want the ability to automatically link to scripture citations and references without laboriously going to their preferred bible site to manually create a link.

Over the years the WordPress community has offered up several plugins to achieve this.  I’ve used Scripturizer and its successor The Holy Scripturizer myself for a number of years.  The Holy Scripturizer is no longer being developed however, and even when it was being actively developed there were several limitations, at least from my perspective.  Primarily, there were three functions that I could never quite get to work correctly with either of these plugins:

  1. The ability to link to the New Revised Standard Version of the Bible
  2. The ability to display a tool-tip of the NRSV on the site
  3. The ability to cite the books of the Apocrypha, which make up part of the “stepped-canon” of Anglicanism.

One of the other scripture plugins that has been out there for a number of years is the RefTagger from Libronix, the makers of Logos Bible Software (which I highly recommend, especially for you PC users).  The main limitation of RefTagger had been that, unlike the Scripturizer plugins which at least linked to the NRSV text, RefTagger did not even do that, as the NRSV and a number of other version were not an option.

Recently however, I became aware of a change.  RefTagger now links to the site for its scripture references.  Biblia (a nicely designed site by the way) has a number of translations that were not previously available.  In particular it offers the NRSV with Apocrypha.  The RefTagger plugin still did not natively support references to the NRSV, but unlike the Scripturizer plugins, the fix/modification was relatively simple.  I simply added the NRSV to the code as follows:

With that simple change, I solved the problem that has been irritating me for several years and made it possible to reference the NRSV text, with the tool tip functionality and reference the Apocrypha.

I’ve since seen that also has the text of the Cambridge Paragraph Bible (KJV-Apocrypha) so I may be adding that version in at some point, but for right now I’m simply glad to be able to cite all the readings that arise in our lectionary in a version that we actually use in worship.

For example, the first reading from the common of a Theologian or a Teacher:
Wisdom 7:7–14

So folks, if you use WordPress and would like to add this capability to your site, simply download RefTagger and make the adjustments above.