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One of my favorite Advent hymns: Adam lay Ybounden

Adam lay ybounden,

Bounded in a bond;
Four thousand winter
Thought he not too long.

And all was for an apple,
An apple that he took,
As clerkès finden written
In their book.

Ne had the apple taken been,
The apple taken been,
Ne had never Our Lady
A-been heavené queen.

Blessed be the time
That apple taken was.
Therefore we moun singen
Deo gratias!

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Join the Advent Conspiracy

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Joseph Bottom: The End of Advent

Christmas has devoured Advent, gobbled it up with the turkey giblets and the goblets of seasonal ale. Every secularized holiday, of course, tends to lose the context it had in the liturgical year. Across the nation, even in many churches, Easter has hopped across Lent, Halloween has frightened away All Saints, and New Year’s has drunk up Epiphany.

Still, the disappearance of Advent seems especially disturbing—for it’s injured even the secular Christmas season: opening a hole, from Thanksgiving on, that can be filled only with fiercer, madder, and wilder attempts to anticipate Christmas.

More Christmas trees. More Christmas lights. More tinsel, more tassels, more glitter, more glee—until the glut of candies and carols, ornaments and trimmings, has left almost nothing for Christmas Day. For much of America, Christmas itself arrives nearly as an afterthought: not the fulfillment, but only the end, of the long Yule season that has burned without stop since the stores began their Christmas sales.

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Rowan Williams: Reflections on Advent

I wanted to share Rowan Williams’ Advent reflections with you as we prepare to enter this season in which we wait… and by so doing, recall that the Christian life is one of anticipation.

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